Dragon Hire

Hire hubcap dragon Mildredd (5mx3m) as a static installation

With or without:

  • Sentinels/performers
  • Flame breath on auto or manual
  • Nostril smoke
  • Lighting effects
  • P.A & sound effects
  • Percussion & samples
  • Pull-along trailer

Crewcab Luton Hire

  • Flexible rate depending on job.
  • Hired with driver, crewcab carries up to 5 passengers.
  • Driver berth saves hotels for long-distance deliveries/collections.
  • Luton fits up with workbenches, 12v-240ac  inverter power, site office desks etc.
  • Can be fitted with 4 x additional single berths

12 Volt P.A Hire

Available with 110ah leisure batteries:

  • 1.5k Kenwood Sub & Mid-Top amps 12v
  • 2 x Traction Sound mid-top wedges
  • 2 x 15″ Bass boxes
  • Allen & Heath 8-channel mixing desk 12v
  • Behringer 6-channel mixer (inverter)
  • Smoke machine (inverter)
  • LED lights 12v
  • Bicycle or pull-along rigs for 12v PAs

Commission costumes & makes

Realise a creative vision with large-scale themed makes or smaller individual costumes and props. Made by experienced makers in aluminium, fibreglass rod, cloth, found materials, hubcaps or bamboo/withy/paper .