Dragon Hire

Dragon Heart Beats fire-breathing hubcap dragon can be hired as mobile act with costumed performers, or as a static installation on the ground or suspended, with or without costumed attendants. The dragon  measures 5mx3m. Its fiery breath can be set to fire randomly on auto, or a firing button can be set up to allow the audience or customers to make the dragon breath fire themselves. It can be supplied with or without coloured lighting, smoke, sound effects and live percussion & samples, or with recorded soundtrack made specifically for the event. Wherever this dragon goes, it is met with wonder and delight by adult and children alike.


  • Cycled or pull-along trailer
  • Static installation on the ground or suspended
  • Flame breath on auto
  • Flame breath on manual, fired by customers
  • Nostril smoke
  • Coloured and strobing lighting effects
  • 12v or 240v P.A & sound effects
  • Live percussion & samples
  • Recorded soundtrack bespoke to the event

Crewcab Luton Hire

  • Hired with driver, crewcab carries up to 5 passengers
  • Driver berth for cost-effective long-distance deliveries/collections
  • Luton fits up with workbenches, 12v-240ac  inverter power, site office desks etc
  • Can be fitted with 4 x additional single berths
  • Flexible rate depending on job
  • Insurance cover for hire & reward

12 Volt P.A Hire

Available with 110ah leisure batteries, ideal for parades and demonstrations:

  • 1.5k Kenwood Sub & Mid-Top amps 12v
  • 2 x Traction Sound mid-top wedges
  • 2 x 15″ Bass boxes
  • Behringer 8-channel mixer (inverter)
  • Smoke machine (inverter)
  • LED lights 12v
  • Bicycle or pull-along rigs for 12v PAs

Commission costumes & makes

Realise a creative vision with large-scale themed makes or smaller individual costumes and props. Made by experienced makers in aluminium, fibreglass rod, cloth, found materials, hubcaps or bamboo/withy/paper .